Visual poetry by Jennifer Phillips

Visual poetry by Jennifer Phillips


Love In A Cup of Suffering


The sorrow of the flesh
is soothed by loves embrace
eternal at its source but
temporal on its course
Without strength
and weakness
and joy
cannot be seen.

Copyright ©1999

Gum Trees

This is a concrete poem whose shape adds meaning to the words.
This poem started out as watercolour on computer generated text in 2000.
The first fully computer generated version was published in 2001 and called "arms."
Later the name was changed to "Gum Tree"
and now the leaves have been changed again and renamed "Gum Trees."
It can be found on page 31 of:
"Word Power Poetry & Poetics: visual digital & concrete"
© J. K. Phillips

Gum Tree visual concrete poem by Phillips

This is a concrete or visual poem.

© 2009


Concrete visual digital poem by Phillips


Below is a concrete poem.
The words within the word say something about what the word means.
© 2007

Exhausted - Visual concrete Poem by Jennifer Phillips

A Life Circle

Below is a concrete visual poem.
Each word has four letters.
Each word begins with the letter of the previous word.
© 2008

A life circle visual concrete poem by Jennifer Phillips

This is a concrete or shaped poem.

concrete poem bEnsnaring Art y Jennifer Phillips