Visual poetry by Jennifer Phillips

Poetry by Jennifer Phillips


History Speaks

History speaks it loud and clear
"You will not live forever
The land is wrestled
from the hand
with fire and flood
sweat and blood
with eruptions and quakes
and mighty shakes.

The message shouted loud and long
a natural song
"All that you see
is temporary"

Copyright ©2009


I Love This Gum Treed Country

Bending together and crossing over
two as ancient as their rings
imaging communion.

Synergistically it sings
louder than
the cockatoo...
a sweeter dew.

Peeling off
their yearly coat
they celebrate their wrinkled skin.

Branching up
their wing tips kiss
entrammelling the heat
and consummating cool
around their feet.

They bear the brunt of elements
of fire and wind
of sun and rain
yet gifting love
within the pain
of temporal things....

their image sings.

Copyright ©2011


Love In A Cup of Suffering


The sorrow of the flesh
is soothed by loves embrace
eternal at its source but
temporal on its course
Without strength
and weakness
and joy
cannot be seen.

Copyright ©1999